Outside In
Outside In is an international adventure story. It is about a man's quest to unravel the mystery of the dark, secret identity buried inside him. His journey begins when he wakes up beside a beautiful, young woman on a deserted, North African beach in the Arabic country of Battilyia.
Unfortunately, he has amnesia and she has a knife protruding from her chest!

He is aware of an inner voice, which can control his actions providing him with a sixth sense. Despite this he is still imprisoned by the local militia and sentenced to be executed for the murder of the young woman. However, he shares a cell with a Spanish smuggler, whose intimate knowledge of the gaol, coupled with the inner voice's ruthless instincts, enable them to escape captivity and flee Battilyia.

In Spain, he begins the search for his identity. The discovery of a large quantity of banknotes, a cache of weapons and five passports of differing nationalities, each with his picture in them, strengthen his fears that he is an assassin or an international terrorist. Further clues lead him to Zurich, where he discovers that he is a Swiss banker called Andreas Gustav, and then to London, where he finds irrefutable proof that he is also a Scottish journalist by the name of Cameron Stewart. Highly improbable, but unfortunately well substantiated by everyone and everything he encounters in both countries.

In an attempt to solve his multiple personality disorder, he travels to Cameron's birthplace in Troon, Scotland and uncovers more startling revelations. Things don't look promising for the simple solution he craves. Andreas/Cameron just wants to be an ordinary guy with ordinary problems, but the evidence is stacked against him.

He has vivid memories of two mothers and two childhoods; As Andreas, his wife is a media mogul's heiress, who lives with her lesbian lover, and his secretary is a nymphomaniac, who can't type or spell; As Cameron, his best friend is a Glasgow gangland crime boss, and his house has a hidden room containing enough weapons to start World War III; And last, but definitely not least, somebody is trying to kill him!

So when he discovers that his biological father is an American recluse with powerful underworld connections, who has recently been kidnapped by Arab terrorists, he has a simple choice.

Either he can check both 'himselves' into the nearest lunatic asylum, or he can try to rescue his father and solve his identity crisis.