Outside In

For as long as I can remember, it has been my dream to write a novel, but while (almost) every book only has one author, it is never the work of an individual. Therefore I wish to thank those who helped me along the way.

"Outside In" is an International Adventure Story and I have been fortunate to have been able to rely on a truly international support team during its conception. It is possible, but highly unlikely that I would ever have achieved my ambition without the support and assistance of my wife Máirín De Bháldraithe, who gave me the freedom to live in a little world of my own while I was writing the original manuscript. She also worked while I didn't and found time to proof-read the first draft. For all that and much, much more, I will be eternally grateful.

I would also like to thank:
Kirsty Nicol, my wonderful daughter, who's artistic ability never ceases to amaze me, for her invaluable input to the design of the original cover and for her support developing this website.
Kim O'Brien, who encouraged me in the very, very early days that it didn't just need to be a dream.
Vanessa Kealey, who not only highlighted many "typso & spilling misteaks" while proof-reading, but also strengthened the storyline with her suggestions.
I also appreciate the comments and contributions from Simon Holliday and Charly Urich.
In truth, I probably should have asked a larger reading circle of my friends for their opinions on the end product, but that was just not practical. Also, it that would have reduced the number of people who had to buy it!

As a post-script to publication I would like to thank Hugh McLean from East Ayrshire Libraries in Kilmarnock for his assistance in promoting "Outside In" in my local area.

And finally, many thanks to PublishAmerica, without whom, my dream would never have become reality.